Happy Misconception Monday! Each week, we breakdown a common misconception
about our top-rated escape room experiences.

We often hear from folks on the fence about joining the escape room fun:
“But, I’m just not very good at puzzles. I won’t have any fun!” Do escape
rooms have puzzles? Yes. Are puzzles the whole experience? No way! (That
would get old fast.)

At Breakout KC, you need all types of thinkers and finders to escape. In
fact, diversity in a room is a plus! Puzzle solvers love to put the pieces
together. Clue finders connect the dots. Energizers encourage the team
through tricky twists and turns. Delegators keep the team on track.

There’s a little something for every role in each room. We want you to have
a safe, exciting, and memorable experience that doesn’t end when you leave
the room.

Are you a delegator? Grab your friends and book a room today!

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