Welcome to our fourth and final Misconception Monday! When it comes to visiting an escape room, we know you might have questions about what to expect.

We’ve covered common misconceptions about escape rooms, including getting “locked” in a room, scary escape rooms vs. our adventures and if you actually need to be a puzzle-pro in order to have fun. For our final episode, we’re covering misconception number four: “It’s hard to round up a big enough group to do an escape room.”

Not true! We know it feels like you’re herding cats to coordinate a group outing. Luckily, several of our rooms can be solved by as few as two people! Plus, we allow multiple groups to book the same room as long as slots are available. This means you and a friend could play an escape room experience and work together with another group to Breakout! (Plus, you might leave with a few new friends.) Fun Fact: Shared rooms with multiple small groups of people actually have quicker average Breakout times, because new friends are more inclined to over communicate – the key to Breaking out! Thanks for tuning in this past month. We hope you feel confident and excited to book your next room at Breakout KC! If you missed out and the last few Misconception Mondays, check them out here.

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