How To Crush An Escape Room: 9 Tips From The Experts

Jun 7, 2017 | How To's, Tips

We live and breathe puzzles.


…someone has to, right?


It’s such a strange adrenaline that overcomes you when a stranger locks you in a room (a friendly stranger, I hope).


regardless… we love it… you love it… we’re not sure who wouldn’t.


Ok, maybe we’re weird.


But the best part?




This is why we asked our most experienced Game Guides (those lovely individuals who locked you in that room) for their best advice on how to successfully break out of an escape room in under 3,600 seconds…that’s just a fancy way of saying 60min – for those of you who are new at solving riddles.


…but I won’t admit to using a calculator for that ?


Annnnyway, here’s what you actually wanted to read – what our experts had to say!

  1. If you find something, let the group know! If you find a lock and someone else finds a key, those discoveries have to be communicated to each other.
  2. Not everything you find can be used right away. Sometimes you will discover an item that you aren’t sure what to do with. Don’t worry, you may not be ready for it! Don’t get hung up on a key that doesn’t fit any of your locks, but also don’t forget about it later in the game!
  3. Use your clues! Every successful group uses clues, don’t make it an issue of pride.
  4. Not everything is a puzzle. Sometimes codes are hidden in plain sight.
  5. When we give you a clue, we are trying to steer you in the right direction. If you are working on a puzzle and we give you a clue related to something else, it probably means you can ignore that puzzle for now!
  6. Divide and conquer! You never want to have more than a few people working on a single puzzle. There are always multiple things to be doing, finding, solving. Make sure to split up!
  7. Stay positive! While it sounds cliche, if you worry too much about your current status in the game, you can burn precious time. Also, we make sure every group has a great time, whether they breakout or not.
  8. We’ll say it again… Communication is key!
  9. Everything you need to know is in the room. You don’t need previous knowledge about the theme, your phone, or to be super smart! If you need it, it’s in there!


We hope these tips help you find great success on your next escape room adventure!

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